Air is full of dust. More so if you live next to China, where factories constantly produce massive amounts of plastic dust to be sent up into the atmosphere. If you want to breathe properly, a good air purifier is probably a must.

And today, the purifier broke down.

The front LED indicators started to blink crazily as the machine emitted a beep, then shut down. It did not work anymore. The manual did not show anything about the front lights blinking - a bad sign that something was probably amiss.

Time to call Balmuda’s customer hotline and see what it’s about! So I called them, and the representative explained the AirEngine has a built-in safety feature that automatically shuts down the purifier if there’s a voltage spike from the power supply adapter, or if the air quality checking sensor reports high and mid-levels of dust simultaneously.

I told her this had been ongoing for some time now, and she said to make sure the purifier did not have anything stuck inside of it that could cause it to shut down. When I asked how I could remove such things from a tightly-locked down purifier, she sent me this:


Apparently this is the normal way to remove the obstructions from a Balmuda AirEngine. Huh. The instructions were to remove the fan, turn the AirEngine upside down, and then use the Jet-Engine mode to blow the obstruction out using the inner fan inside the AirEngine.

I tried it, but nothing came out. Needless to say, the AirEngine started to work again, so I guess it’s not stupid if it works? Color me surprised.