We're moving, moving, moving!

To this beautiful place named Dalian, in China!

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Since it's located so close to the ocean, the view really is quite spectacular. Or so I hope, basing my thoughts on stock photos I found on the web:

Photo by Wade Meng / Unsplash

This is apparently the Xinghai Bridge located in Dalian, so I have extreme hopes for our new home.

Now, to the nitty-gritty.

Moving vlogs

Starting from Friday this week, I will be shooting footage of us going to Dalian. This will be more of a vlog-styled video, and it won't be boring. (I promise.) I will probably skip 90% of packing for the trip, and just cut to the chase as we get on the plane.

That being said, editing takes a while, especially because I don't have my workstation anymore (some of my devices are going to be shipped with the movers), so I will have to use my laptop. Expect videos on both YouTube and Vimeo about Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately, I will not be uploading to Vimeo, and the upload schedule will have to be pushed back a week or two because I have found it impossible to edit footage on my laptop. Sorry for the delay.

I was also thinking about streaming the trip on Twitch, but it would be hard to do because I'm just getting started with videos and don't have the gear necessary to live-stream. Plus, I'm not a very good speaker, so you'll mostly hear me mumble and stutter if I ever live-stream.

So, that's it for this blog post! Hopefully the future holds more surprises.