Reset service password on China Mobile

On China Mobile, when you need to check up your fees or change your plans, you need something called a “service” password, or fúwù mìmǎ (服务密码). And if you don’t have a Chinese passport and citizenship and their ridiculous ID system, you will not get through the automated calling system they have, or the online […]


Participating without participating – Google Bug Review

You’ve probably come across at least one Google Bug review if you’re an avid Android user. There’s a lot of fun bugs to address – such as the breaking changes introduced in Android P that denies access to Overlay Management Services with Substratum, for one. To help the bug gain more visibility in the review […]


Use NSSavePanel in Swift

TL;DR for impatient developers: Don’t forget to allow the app to access the filesystem. Okay, we need to make a dialog, so let’s make a variable named dialog and assign it the NSSavePanel. So far so good. Then we have to set some parameters. Let’s give the dialog a title-bar name. The parameter names are […]