It’s called Backdroid, and is basically a frontend for “adb backup”.

And you can get it here:

First thoughts?

It’s great. I just can’t believe I actually made a macOS app.

Did you have any past experience?

No. I don’t know Objective C at all, and I did small amounts of Swift that wasn’t macOS-development related. (It was on iOS, and it didn’t go so well.) Learning the intricacies betweeen Obj-C and Swift was by far the most hardest part to this project.

How long did it take?

Four hours to get the initial concept working - the first two hours were UI and design problems. Then the next two hours was trying to wrangle some good Swift code. The last three hours were spent trying to get ADB to play nicely with Swift. All in all, this project took a complete seven hours. It’s 3 am right now. Go figure.

What’s so different when compared to Windows-dev?

I can’t say for sure (because I haven’t tried Windows-dev yet) but I did love how Xcode had a handy-dandy way of getting the UI set up. The Storyboards played a crucial role in allowing me to form and flesh out my ideas into actual UI. It would be hard to replicate that on Windows using the Win32 API. I’d have to spend hours and hours writing code just to get anything to show up on the screen.

Do you recommend it to anyone else?

Probably… yes! If you do have a legitimate reason to make an app you need, then by all means go for it! It’s definitely worthwhile and when you finish it’ll feel so good.

Is the app free?

Yes. Free as in, free beer.

What about the source code?

Delayed release. I wish I could put it up ASAP but I’m tired right now, and I’m in no state to make a GitHub repository. (I’d rather someone shoot me beforehand.)

Final thoughts?

Thanks, Apple.

But seriously. I don’t have $99.