You’ve probably come across at least one Google Bug review if you’re an avid Android user. There’s a lot of fun bugs to address - the latest one about the breaking changes introduced in Android P that denies access to Overlay Management Services with Substratum, for one.

To help the bug gain more visibility in the review section, developers often urge users to “Star” a bug so that it gains more traction and generates more views. Except, there’s one small caveat - if you star a bug, Google decides you’re interested in it, more than you think you are, and starts spamming you with notifications about the comments users leave to the bug.

And this can get frustrating, particularly when the issue has a lot of popularity and is generating thousands of comments every day. You’ll find your email inbox flooded with messages about “OMG plz bring dis bak” and more annoying shitposts.

Fortunately, there’s a simple workaround, short of shouting at everyone at the comment section to STFU. This just requires you to be on Gmail.

(Disclaimer - this will move all email from Google Bug Review to your Archive Mail folder. While this will not cause any data loss, this may cause you to miss important emails regarding the said Bug Review emails. For example, if you have an issue you truly care about and you are blocking all emails from GBR due to spam, you may miss important emails from said issue.)

Step 1 - Open Gmail

Step 2 - Click on the gear icon


Step 3 - Click on “Settings”


Step 4 - Click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”


Step 5 - Click on “Create a new filter”


Step 6a - In the “From” field, paste this address


Step 6b - (optional) If you want only certain aspects of the email to match the filter, type in the rest of the fields to filter out email that you want to send to the void.


Step 6c - (optional) If you followed Step 6b and want to see if your filters catch any of the emails you consider important, click on the blue search icon to see the emails affected.


Step 7 - Click on “Create filter with this search »”


Step 8a - Choose from the list of options. I recommend these:


Step 8b - (optional) If you want to filter the messages that already landed in your inbox, then choose this checkbox


Step 9 - Click on “Create Filter”


There we go! You will have the filtering rules set up and ready to go. Now if any email from GBR comes through to your inbox, it’s automatically dumped into “All Mail” as an archive and marked read.