Anybody remember the Galaxy S from 2010? That device that sparked controversy and ultimately fueled the Apple v. Samsung debacle? Well, who cares about all that, anyway? Today, we’re going to focus on the device, and see if we could “decrapify” it so that it runs more smoother.

My road to Gingerbread

Originally, the device ran Froyo, a.k.a. 2.2.3 or some similar version. And it was horrible. Nearly nothing ran on the device. My goal was to get this phone off Froyo, and onto Gingerbread (2.3.6), which is a bit better and also the last available firmware version for the phone.

Finding the firmware proved difficult. Sammobile had switched all downloads to Premium only, and Samsung-Firmware had a bug where the download button would do nothing. (Presumably this was because they did not actually have the firmware anymore.) Finally, I hit gold when I stumbled across the firmware in some weird site named “”.

Just so that you don’t have to go through all the pain and suffering that I had to endure while doing this procedure, I will be uploading the firmware files and the necessary tools required to perform this operation on my Google Drive linked below.

Unfortunately, many pitfalls awaited me. The phone was never recognized in Odin, and Device Manager simply showed the device as a “Serial USB device”, and nothing more came of that. When I forcefully flashed the device with the oldest version of Odin I could find, it failed, and the device stopped booting to /system.

Thankfully, I figured out the steps to solve this issue.

1) Download and install Kies. (This is also in the Google Drive.) 2) You don’t have to run Kies. Samsung officially bricked and removed the firmware update feature on Kies and Smart Switch, on the grounds that people won’t be needing it anymore. (Yeah, right…. sheesh) We’re just installing Kies so we can get that prehistoric drivers installed. 3) When installing Kies, if it complains about revoked certificates, or if UAC won’t let you run the program, try the other file on my Google Drive. That program worked for me at least. 4) Open Odin. Any version will do, and I have the three versions that worked in the link below. REMEMBER TO RUN THEM THROUGH VIRUSTOTAL FIRST. While I did do this your downloads may always be tainted, and it’s best to check. 5) Put the .tar.md5 file in the zip in the box marked “AP” and flash away.

If your device is not detected, you have to probably mess around with Kies. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REBOOT AT LEAST ONCE! This helped a lot when the drivers didn’t work on my laptop.

Thankfully, after a reboot, Odin detected my device and started to flash the firmware correctly. Now I had a stock Gingerbread device. Problem solved.

Thanks for following along! Now would be good to get these files here.