Android Linux

How to unpack .rfs files

While modifying the SCH-i909 ROM, I extracted the firmware and found weird .rfs files instead of the usual .img files. What is this? Google, unfortunately, had no answer. Moreover, I could NOT, for the life of me, figure out how to create an .rfs file for the new firmware, until I discovered this tutorial on […]


Force git to sign your commits

Since GitHub puts a nice shiny “Verified” next to your commits if you sign them with GPG, you might be wondering how to get on this bandwagon. Not to worry! With this one simple trick, you’ll never have to remember to type git -S, ever again! Did you forget your GPG keys? Alternatively, check out […]

China Linux

Set up a network wide VPN using Ubuntu Server

Isn’t it fun living in China? The answer is – it depends. And if you’re a foreigner craving for your Netflix binge and YouTube addiction, this just might be the solution to your problems. Enter the network-wide VPN – your own gateway that you will set up to tunnel your entire home’s network! Prerequisites You […]