I had no freaking clue what to do with my new NodeMCU Lua knock-off from Taobao. Thankfully, there are a few options you have when you’re searching for drivers:

1. Use the manufacturer website


Use the search bar to find the board, then download the one marked .exe at the end.

However sometimes this site won’t load internationally… which is why there’s a second option.

2. Use my mirror

Get them here. You’re ducking welcome.

NOTE: Apparently Google has blocked the zip from showing, because it somehow violates their ToS. I’ve ran the zip file through VirusTotal, and while it does show a detection rate of 2/56, the community scores are up by +33. A false positive. In the meantime, you could grab the exe file.

3. Other sources

This website also has working versions for High Sierra and Sierra. If you get kernel panics with the above versions, check out this website. I haven’t checked if the sources are valid, however, so proceed with caution.