Hopefully, we could teach these spamming bastards a lesson by showing how easily we could shut down their operations.

Preface: How to get the full information of an email

If you’re using Gmail, click on the email (DO NOT CLICK ON THE EMAIL IF YOU’RE USING A OFFLINE CLIENT. Only click on malicious emails on Gmail’s WebUI and do NOT click on any links you see within the email), select the three-dot dropdown and click on “Show Original.” Gmail should show you the email in full with the correct headers so admins could act on these spam accounts.

Now onto fighting spam!

Yahoo (and Yandex apparently)

Yahoo Support provides a form.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on “report it to Yahoo directly,” and then fill out a form. Be sure to include the original headers. Yahoo will look at your request, and reply if they were successful at closing down the account. LOL, just kidding. They will do absolutely fucking nothing. I’ve reported an email to them once and they just sat on the request. How do I know? I got another spam email from the same account.

At this point, we can all acknowledge Yahoo is just a dumpster fire and ban them from our email accounts. Set up rules to block Yahoo Mail. Whoever uses Yahoo deserves to get blocked anyway.

Google (Gmail)

Gmail provides a form users can fill out.

Note that if you have a Google account, you can click on the 3-dot dropdown, and then click on “Report Phishing” if you believe the message is a phishing scam.

Microsoft (Live, Office, Hotmail, etc.)

Microsoft has similar procedures for reporting spam. Basically, copy the entire original message, save it as a text file, and include it as an attachment to an email to:


Have another way to get rid of spammers? Use the “About” page above to send me a method of reporting spam accounts!