We need to first talk about Apple.

Seriously, Apple engineers. The File Creation time exists for a reason. It denotes when the file was created.

It’s not for when you guys silently upload my videos to your servers. It’s not for when I download it back to get it off of your grabby hands. It’s especially not for when my iPhone decides to redownload these videos when it finally reclaims some space. It’s for when the file was fucking created, you sick bastards.

All my photo plans are now ruined because you jerkoffs decided that your precious metadata wizardry was more important than preserving simple, goddamn essential file information. Lightroom puts my files back in my home server based on Creation Date, and you dumb oh-I-have-a-college-degree monkeyhats decided to change them beyond recognition.

Fortunately… there’s a way to undo the mess. But you’ll be doing a lot of manual labor.

No I’m not doing this on a Mac, fuck Apple engineers. Windows all the way for today.

Step 1 - Download SKTimeStamp

I know, it sounds like some ransomware or a virus, but it’s open-sourced. You can literally check out the code. Plus, the .msi executable is code-signed with a certificate. (Not sure if that’s a trustworthy factor… since nearly anybody can just plonk down the cash for a cert..)

Once it’s installed…

Step 2 - (for those videos anyway) find the “Shot Date”

iPhones record the actual creation date in the EXIF metadata. Right click, “Properties”, “Details”, then find “Media Created” under the “Origin” group. That’s the real deal.

Step 3 - Edit the time

Now go to the “TimeStamps” tab and edit the three timestamps. Or just the first one. “Creation Date”/”Last Modified” are the only two things you need to change to make Explorer get good data.