I made the mistake today of fiddling around with my Twitter profile settings. As a final touch, I set my birthday to the correct date, and then Twitter suddenly redirected me to a page titled “Account Locked”. Dammit.

Apparently, due to GDPR restrictions that came into effect sometime July this year, Twitter cannot accept any users under the age of 13, and will restrict accounts even if said account holder is over the age of 13. If you created your Twitter account to claim your tag a bit earlier than the allowed age, your account would be banned if you changed the date later.

I alreadys submitted a request to unban my account, but in the worst case scenario I don’t have much to lose as I don’t use Twitter frequently. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll post an update if anything happens.

UPDATE - December 24th, 2018

Twitter sent me a generic email, telling me that they reviewed my case number. It’s in Korean, but if I try to loosely translate it to English, they essentially told me to fuck off and wait patiently until they can get their automated systems in check to actually unblock these accounts.

So I’m waiting for Twitter to get their act together and reinstate my account. Or not. Thanks Twitter for doing this before Christmas.

UPDATE - 2019

I got my account back after, like, 5 months. It took a very long time but at least I have it back.