In my previous post, I showed how you could “decrapify” a Korean Mi Box 3 and flash a global ROM on it to watch Netflix. Since writing that post, a reader named Eldad Michaeli helpfully told me how the procedure had changed, now that official Oreo is out for the Mi Box 3.

TL;DR - you only need to globalize the box, and then upgrade to Oreo. This will keep Netflix ESNs and allow you to watch Netflix.

So what’s the procedure now?

WARNING, this procedure ONLY works on the MDZ-16-AB, Korean-sold Mi Box 3 that has the “Telebee” app on the launcher when you boot it up. If you don’t see the Telebee branding, it is the WRONG revision, or you have already globalized the box.

  1. Go to my Downloads page, and grab those files:
    • Original Firmware/
    • Original Firmware/
  2. Make sure the checksums match, and then put in the USB.
  3. Enter recovery mode. Skip to the next section if you don’t know what this mode is.
  4. Go into Apply update from EXT. Use the 4-point directional buttons and the middle button to select (this is NOT the circular “home” button, it’s the middle button in the center of the 4-point directional buttons.)
  5. Go into Update from udisk.
  6. Select

Your Mi Box 3 should now be globalized, and Telebee should be gone from the launcher. Set it up, and then update the box to Oreo.

Here are some photos Eldad sent me showing the box working. Thanks, Eldad!


What is “recovery mode”?

It’s part of Android that allows you to update your system and flash new builds. However, since the Mi Box 3 does not have actual, physical buttons, you need to use the Bluetooth mouse to force the Mi Box 3 to boot into recovery. The initial button combinations are complex - making matters worse, the fact that the remote is Bluetooth makes the entire process finicky and unstable.

To boot into recovery mode on the Mi Box 3, hold the back and center button (these are the triangle that is pointing back, and the concave select button in the middle of the four-point direction pad) and power on the device by plugging it in. It’s a two man job, but I managed to do it on my own.

If none of it works, try power cycling the remote by removing the batteries, and then try the above procedure one more time.


Eldad told me his box was laggy until he factory resetted. As always, Android updates can be a bit fickle and unstable, as a lot of framework code gets updated, so make sure you reset your box before you set it up!

The box might lag for the first couple of hours, but if you keep the power on and let it idle it should settle down as Play Services calms down and finishes the rest of the app updates. Once it’s smooth it’s buttery and snappy and you should have no problem enjoying your media.

Thanks for reading, couch potatos ;)