List of Chinese apps for foreigners

This list will be continuously updated! Or, at least until I leave China.


CAUTION – Before installing any of the APKs listed below, consider uploading them to VirusTotal to make sure nothing nasty has been done to the installers!

饿了么 (Èle me)Direct APK link (open this on your Android phone)
淘宝 (Táobǎo)Link to Google Play Store
京东 (Jīngdōng)Link to Google Play Store
市民云 (Shìmín yún)Link to website / Direct APK link (as of April 15, 2020)


You need a 2nd account with the country set to China.

Go to Apple’s Apple ID page here to begin the sign up process. Make sure the region is set to “China mainland.”

It will probably ask you for phone verification. Enter your Chinese phone number, and then click next.

Once you’re done, go to the App Store. Log out of the app:

Once logged out, log in again with your new Chinese Apple ID. Now you should be able to download all Chinese apps!

Quick links:

淘宝 (Táobǎo)
饿了么 (Èle me)
京东 (Jīngdōng)
市民云 (Shìmín yún) – Available on international stores

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