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Don’t be afraid to show the worst projects. Your embarrassing ones. The ones you made when you were young, the ones where you made the cringiest choices, the ones where the very obvious mistakes stand out. That school project you made when you were five. That coding marathon hack-job you cobbled together at 3 AM in the morning. Or that dumpster fire of a painting that you cried over.

Remember, in the grand scheme of things, nobody cares. We were all inexperienced once. We learn. We understand. We move on. Nobody’s going to laugh at you or mock you for all the silly little things in your old projects. Sure, some people might do that. But who cares what they think? And if you don’t care what they think about, then eventually they will not care, either.

Sometimes, the worst projects are your best projects. They showcase your growth. You should be able to go and say “Look, I made that.” Proudly. Sure, you might regret some things. Don’t we all. But your old projects are the cornerstones in your life, the ones that will make you proud of the journeys you have taken, are taking, and will take.

Make some moments in history.

Do your worst.

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