Hi, I’m Eric! I write bad blog posts and code personal projects that usually don’t work. I also help others and collaborate with the community!

I work on Android and iOS apps, as well as programs written in Java, C, and Python (and more but not skilled yet).

I currently work in Team Bliss with multiple roles (see below). Check out our ROM and come support us!

Check out my GitHub, I put up all of my work on there. If you want status updates, check out my Twitter. (I don’t post there often, though..?)


  • Launched a simple Percentage Calculator app (Android) in 2015 as an experimental project in Android app development (available on GitHub)
  • Launched Naejung Middle School (Android) with one other collaborator *
  • Launched Hansol High School (Android) *
  • Translated app Torchie (created by Anselm Brothers, Android)
  • Translated game Spaceteam (created by Henry Smith, Android/iOS) with one other collaborator
  • Joined Team Bliss (2015~current)
    • Maintainer for the Nexus 5X
    • Developer
    • Lead Maintainer
    • App Development
  • Translated app AutoSleep (created by David Walsh, iOS) with one other collaborator
  • Worked at NHN Service Technology as an intern (2019~2019) for the following roles
    • Game QA testing
    • Hardware & Software Installation / Troubleshooting
  • Currently working on more personal projects and ideas.

Questions? Got a great idea? Want to contact me? Email me over at ideamaneric@gmail.com

Note: Projects that are crossed out and with a star next to their description have been discontinued.