Hi, I’m Eric Park. I’m a South Korean software developer (of sorts) and write terrible blog posts. I’m currently in Dalian, China for study.

I’ve worked on projects involving Android and iOS apps, as well as programs written in Java, Python, and C. I have a lot of experience with server management and sysadmin tasks.

I don’t have an operating system preference – I bounce back and forth between Windows, macOS and Linux as the task requires, and use both Android and iOS for app development. I usually use Manjaro and Linux Mint when I’m on Linux.

To see what devices I use, check out my device page for more details.

I currently work in Team Bliss with multiple roles (see below). Check out our ROM and come support us!

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Contact and GPG

Questions? Got a great idea? Want to contact me? Email me over at [email protected]

GPG information can be found here.

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