Hi! I’m Eric Park, a guy that likes to code and watch kittens in his spare time.

I was born in South Korea. When I was young, I travelled to Beijing, China where I stayed there for three years. I nearly succumbed to the horrible air pollution, but thankfully I did not die. After that, I went to Shanghai, China and stayed there for another three years. Thankfully, the air problem was much less relevant there, and I got a chance to not die. So in total, I got six years of foreign travel and international schooling.

I went back to S. Korea for a short while (about four years is NOT a short while, wtf Eric) but my family decided to relocate to China again. Now I’m in Dalian, a nice small town in the Liaoning province facing the vast ocean. (I could even see it from my apartment which is really nice!)

My hobbies include programming, looking at cats and kittens, and gaming occasionally on Steam.

If you ever feel the need to contact me, reach out via ideamaneric@gmail.com or come to this website, the one you’re reading right now. My Twitter handle is @ideaman924, and I post there occasionally, so you can follow me there too. My Facebook handle is - just kidding. Screw Facebook.


Proud Commander of The Spaceteam Admiral's Club